Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 4 Review

Do you know Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong will? Well this episode is a testament to this. (also slight spoiler warning)

Nice ^_^

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Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 1 Review

Shimoneta Episode 1

A Boring World Where The Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Doesn’t Exist eh? Heh that’s funny as I am sure that is the ideal world for all authoritarians or feminists/SJWs around the world. From the time I saw the preview for this show back in March, I was instantly hooked. Finally, a full out ecchi comedy that I like for some reason. So, does this premiere deliver on this or go flaccid?…..oh you know I was going to make this joke….anyway, moving on…..

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Seasonal Preview

Summer 2015 Seasonal Preview

Summer 2015 Seasonal Preview

Hello there fellow readers,

Well here is another series of firsts for me in doing blogging: seasonal previews and episodic reviews for a series. I know my fellow blogger Ramo Zemog does these every season, so I figured why not do it as well. Of course, I will be doing only one show this season in terms of episodic reviews. With that in mind, here’s the list for Summer (July-September) 2015 anime that I will be watching:

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