Special Post-April 2017

Well, I have been thinking about this on and off since I started out blogging back in 2011. To think about this is something that has come to my attention in recent time. I recently was on break from working and went to spend time with my folks. One of the things I did was clean out the closet of my old bedroom, which is now a guest room. There were a few plastic containers with various papers and old stuff going back to grade school, mostly either going to the bin or to the Goodwill. I then came across an old notebook and flipping through, discovered that it was my old notes from reviews I did back in 2011. It made me realize something that I haven’t yet talked about my own perspective on blogging and where I come from in terms of just not blogging but the anime fandom.

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Series Review

Princess Nine (April 2017 Review)

Ok, so a short tale-I came across this series way back in 2006 when I owned the Evangelion Platinum Collection. It was one of the trailers featured at the start of one of the discs. Well, I happened to be watching it in my folks’ upstairs office room as that was the only room I could watch anime back then. Anyway, when it got to the trailer, my dad who was sitting in the office at his computer turned briefly to look at and scoffed at it under his breath saying something to the effect ‘Oh that’s ridiculous’. I overheard and sheepishly shrugged back in response. Then I didn’t hear again about this show until 2014 when Nozomi Entertainment released the series on their Youtube channel and so that spring I spent a bit of time watching it. I planned to do a review on it, but it didn’t quite gel with me personally. I had to spend some time mulling it over, but now I feel confident in doing a review of this wonderful show:

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