Series Review

September 2016 Review No.2

So, yeah been a year since I have to do reviews more or less within the span of the week. But yeah such is life, sometimes you got to do things in a crunch time situation. Anyway, this time in dealing with chuunibyou, we are going back to look at the continuation of a show that I have covered before last  year…..

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Movie Review

September 2016 Review No.1

Alright, so for September I mentioned that I would be examining a common theme. It is based around Chuunibyou, a subject that I have explored back in 2015 with my review of Love, Chuunibyou and Other Delusions. I figured that it be good to come back and look at this phenomenon again, this time with 2 other entries. The first is a movie that I only recently came across and I find to offer an interesting perspective when it comes to Chuunibyou…..

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