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Shimoseka Episode 3 Review

So, here we go with the LEWD…..


Shimoneta Episode 3

How to love someone

So the aftermath from the episode 2 red herring incident still leaves Tanukichi in a tight spot, working for and undermining the efforts of the student council. That said, right off the bat a really funny cold opening results from this to start off this episode. What is nice about the show so far is how much it is more a continuous story rather than an episodic structure, which works well for this kind of series.

Heheh, u mad bro?

Anyway, it’s time for new character as hinted at the end of the previous episode and preview.That being Otome Saotome, a star art student at the academy, also a loli. But she is voiced by Satomi Arai, best known as Kuroko-chan from the Raildex series though she seems to channeling Hata from the Seitokai Yakuindomo series. Of course if I would have a minor gripe about this, but her voice doesn’t quite match the character, like at all. Though that might just be part of the joke, the vocal incongruence of the character. Ah well, I am sure to get used to it soon.

Cute and dangerous, nice ^_^

Otome is an interesting character and makes a great first impression. She makes Tanukichi her pet via blackmail, only to reveal that she did so as to get Tanukichi to be support for romantic conquest as well. Ayame, being a great schemer, figures that she can get Otome to draw some LEWD for their cause, so pretty leaves Tanukichi to it. In an one-on-one conversation later, it turns out she is a lesbian stalker with an infatuation for Anna. So yeah, not much difference from that other Satomi Arai role.

Feeling a little, hot under the collar?

So they hatch a scheme which, to not spoil, results in some interesting developments. Not sure if it will be followed up on in the next episode, but it at least shakes things up a bit. Of course, in the midst of the dirty humor and innuendo there is some thoughtful discussion on the nature of relationships. As Ayame points out, Sex is a dirty thing. But one must take relationships at full value, both the nasty and pleasant aspects of it. There is no need to sanitize that. This leads to another consequence of this society, a lack of love or intimacy. This is clearly demonstrated with Otome, whose infatuation with Anna ends up showing in a different way since well one can’t come out with that stuff publicly in this world.

Oh my ~~~

So in other words, what is drawing me into this show is how well-developed the society and that the author was able to explore the implications and consequences (both expected and unintended) of such a society existing. I like that a lot. So now finished the first 3 episodes, I can give this a wholesale recommendation though I will say that if dirty jokes aren’t your thing (which is a concern for some people) then you might not quite enjoy it as much as I do. A Love or Hate It kind of show, but one that I am enjoying fully each week.
See you next week, dear readers…


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