Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 9

Oh boy here we go again……

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Special Review

Kyle Jones Month Part V

Alright so Kyle Jones month comes to a close, and thank god for that. Nevertheless it has been great fun and I loved doing this. So now it’s time to cover something that I didn’t figure I would get the chance to cover, but the stars aligned in such a way to allow me to do this. And that would be…

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Series Review

Kyle Jones Month Part III

Kyle Jones Month Part 3

written by TheEclecticDude and Ryugama628 (who also provided edits/revisions)

So, after finishing Kanon 2006, Kyle Jones, like most of his colleagues at the time, left work at ADV, details of which would be an article onto themselves. What he did after that is unknown, though Jones also does copywriting and photography (by the way he has this great site for that: that you all should check out) so I am certain that he was able to find work which good for him. But he would come back though; slowly but surely. In 2012 he helmed the dub for Gintama the Movie, the only part of that series ever dubbed, and then in 2013 he was the main director/writer for the first 2 seasons of Phi Brain, which I have heard some good things about. It wasn’t until 2014 that he basically replaced Steve Foster as the other main director Sentai Filmworks has. Well, that is besides Christopher Ayres, of course. Now for the subject of this review, one of his early efforts for 2014…..

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