10 Favorite Anime List

10 Personal Favorite Anime List

Alright well Happy New Year! I hope that 2017 is a better year than we got last year, goodness gracious. Well, to ring in the New Year, I am doing for my personal blog a 10 Personal Favorite Anime List. I remember doing one on the old blog back in late 2013-early 2014, so I figured why not do it for my more new blog? Anyway, I say Personal Favorite Anime List rather than a Top 10 List as that brings supposed objectivity or superiority that the list maker thinks has been earned when it really hasn’t. Additionally, I see many of those lists just have current or fairly recent shows, as if to garner views/clicks. Seriously, you can surely put in stuff from before most of your audience has been born. Anyway here’s my list, in no particular order and somewhat revised from my previous list:

Side note: I will be including links of the reviews that I have done for the titles on the list. So this serves double function of showcasing a list and giving previews of my review work. Heheh :3


His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) (1998-99)

One of the few romantic comedies that I can say is amazing, Kare Kano stands as an example of how eccentric yet unique artistry can spice up an otherwise standard story. I mean, on paper, Kare Kano seems a bit rote, but in hands of Hideaki Anno and his Gainax team do some amazing work to visually convey the troubled relationships in this show, while shedding light on some hard if somewhat uncomfortable truths. It’s a shame this show got cut short due to a finicky author as by the end they did have something special going for them. Also, the English dub featuring Veronica Taylor as Yukino among others is perhaps one of the best dubs NYC area has made. Kare Kano Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Feb 2013)


Bodacious Space Pirates (2012 TV Series, 2014 Movie)

An amazing science fiction show in recent memory for me, Bodacious Space Pirates was one of the shows that help me to get back into watching current anime. It has a great and diverse cast of characters, and while the main focus is on Mariko Kato’s development into being a space pirate, the rest of the cast gets enough coverage to not be underdeveloped. It also serves as an interesting example of science fiction that transposes the past (pirates and their maritime activities) into a futuristic setting that feels fully developed. It also got me introduced to Sentai Filmworks, particularly the work of ADR Director/voice actor Chris Ayres, that I can’t imagine my current English dub experience without them. Bodacious Space Pirates Review (AR, August 2013)


Crest/Banner of the Stars series (1999-2001)

Now this is a space opera. I remember watching this on the old Anime Unleashed block on a little channel called Tech TV and just floored at how wondrous it is. Sure, it starts off slow but once it gets rolling, it becomes one of the most interesting science fiction piece. It also functions as a nice character and relationship study between Jinto and Lafiel which is the best aspect of this series. Oh yeah and the music and opening song is amazing work. Crest of the Stars Review (EDs Anime Reviews, July 2013)Banner of the Stars I Review (EDs Anime Carnival, Oct 2015)Banner of the Stars II Review (EDs Anime Carnival, April 2016)


El Hazard the Magnificent World (1995-96)

Now for those who think that the genre of ‘guy ends up in other world’ is a recent phenomenon, well welcome to the patient zero of that particular genre. Makoto’s adventures with his friends and allies in the mystical realm of El Hazard might begin fairly standard, but it becomes very insightful about fate, good vs evil and the cyclical nature of the world. It is such a shame that the first OVA is the only entry in the franchise worth checking out, just that initial potential is so great that as a standalone story it works just as well. Also once again, the OP song is amazing as well. El Hazard OVA Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Sept 2012)


Diebuster (2004-06)

I consider Diebuster to be the last pinnacle title from studio Gainax, and considering what their current state is a little unfortunate in retrospective. Granted, it serves as a transitional piece between the past and future productions for Gainax, if you read into that. I like how the same team for FLCL (Director Kazuya Tsurumaki and writer Yoji Enokido) took the idea of a sequel to one of the classic Gainax OVAs and make it into something not just in the mold of another classic (FLCL) but go the next step further with that same themes of growing up and dealing with one’s own issues in life. Oh and Groovy Magic is one fine, jazzy opening song, are you sensing a pattern here with this list? Diebuster Review (EDs Anime Reviews, April 2013)


From the New World (2012-13)

And now for a more pensive turn, for a time I didn’t keep up with current anime. From 2011-13, I only stuck to the anime I owned directly. But then a colleague at Animation Revelation, which I had joined that year, suggested that I check out a show called Shin Sekai Yori, a tale about psychic children in a far off village. Well, what started out as a curiosity turned into a fascination story about civilization and seeing it endure adversity even in a world while so different isn’t so much when you dive into it. It has perhaps one of the best and most satisfying endings I have seen in anime. From the New World Review (EDs Anime Reviews, April 2015


Kino’s Journey (2003)

As a student in geography, my favorite part of any fiction is the world-building, where details go into the setting and locations involved. I feel that enriches the fiction/media experience, and Kino’s Journey best exemplifies this when it comes to anime for me. It’s interesting to see Kino and her companion talking motorcycle visiting lands and encountering various characters and situations, while ruminating on topics of life, politics, history, the cyclical nature of the world, etc. To quote TS Eliot, “We shall not cease from exploration/And the end of all our exploring/Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time.” Kinos Journey Review (EDs Anime Carnival, Aug 2015)


Ah My Goddess (1993-94 OVA, 2000 Movie, 2005-06 TV Series)

Another series that I have known since I got into anime, Ah My Goddess is a wonderful story about love and life between an unlikely pairing: an ordinary young man and a beautiful goddess. The fact that the manga ran for nearly 25 years is an accomplishment few could dream of but Kosuke Fujishima in the process cemented his reputation as an excellent storyteller in the process. The 90s OVA is a wonderful introduction to this piece, the 2000 movie is a great film for this universe and the mid-2000s TV Series is a wonderful and faithful adaptation of the manga. Few franchises can have all of their entries be consistently good as this one. AMG OVA Part 1 Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Feb 2012)AMG OVA Part 2 Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Feb 2012)OMG Movie Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Feb 2012)AMG S1 OVA Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Nov 2013)AMG TV Series Review (EDs Anime Carnival, Aug 2016)



Yuki Yuna is A Hero (2014)

Now, this series is something truly special for me especially with regards to magical girl series. It is not merely ‘dark and mature’ but far more complex than it has any business being. But the ideas it brings up with regards to fate and destiny, as well as the perpetual nature of heroism, are particularly fascinating. It might not be the most thoughtful, but it is plenty more heartfelt. Oh yeah and Yuna x Togo for life! YuYuYu Review (EDs Anime Carnival, Dec 2015)


Read or Die (2001 OVA, 2003-04 TV Series)

Now yes I am putting both the OVA and TV series for this franchise, something I’m sure some would object to. But hear me out: Both are amazing in their own way. The OVA is a wonderful spy action piece that takes an utterly ridiculous idea and runs with it amazingly. The TV series takes that as a foundation and adds to it some great slice of life material and more compelling personal drama that the OVA just didn’t have the time to explore. Still, Yomiko Readman is my forever waifu and the opening song by YKZ beats out Tank (the Cowboy Bebop OP by a fecking mile for me, bite me Bebop fans lol. ROD OVA Review (EDs Anime Reviews, Jan 2012)ROD TV Series Review (EDs Anime Reviews, July 2013)