Name: The Eclectic Dude

Just a simple dude, living the simple life alongside watching and discussing anime and other geek/nerd stuff with others.

BOD June 28th 1988

Gmail: wm933042@gmail.com

Discord: @MJWarren #5672

Twitter: @TheEclecticDude (MJ Warren)

Mood: Content, for the most part

Birthplace: Texas, America (USA! USA!), now living in western Georgia, America

Occupation: Night Shift Clerk, local warehouse

Status: (still) Single

Ethnicity: American (White in case you need to know)

Favorite Anime: Yuri, Slice of Life, Comedy, drama, Fantasy, sci-fi.

Hobbies: Listening to classical music, reading and writing, Outdoor exercise (in the form of walking), sleep (work can be tough on me some days @_@)


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