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Bodacious Space Pirates Film Review

So, last time I talked about the concept of ‘Boilerplate Entertainment’. Using Coyote Ragtime Show as an example, I demonstrate how it can serve as a baseline between the great/masterpiece media and the bad/flawed media that we encounter in our daily lives. On occasion, though, you will come across media that at first seem like this, but turn out to be so much more.

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Series Review

Coyote Ragtime Show Review

So, what is meant by boilerplate entertainment? It seems a term that is thrown around in criticism/review circles often, usually as a somewhat defensive stance when it comes to looking at media. For me, it tends to be something along the lines of Guardians of the Galaxy or Ocean’s Eleven, at least for American cinema. Generally, the term refers to media that is pure entertainment value at its core, typically fun and enjoyable but ultimately not particularly deep or thought-provoking. Of course, anime has plenty of shows and movies like that, some of which I have talked about before.

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