Special Review

August 2020 Ninth Year Anniversary of Blogging (KyoAni Month 2.0)

Well, one of the things that amaze me is how much the anime review/analysis community has grown from the time I started nine years ago. It was mostly ANN or Fandom Post with a few independent people on their own blogs, myself included. Then I joined Twitter in June 2012, which broadened up, giving me the chance to connect with other fans and develop relationships with other websites, be it Animation Revelation, Okazu, OG Man’s websites, or my current relationship with Anime Herald (many many kudos to Samantha). Thank you to all who have helped me out and I appreciate the continued support for the foreseeable future. 

So yeah like with last year, I am covering some entries from the acclaimed Japanese animation studio Kyoto Animation. Of course, this year instead of focusing on one whole series (Sound Euphonium), I am centering upon an episode review and then a film review. First off, I will talk about my recent favorite from KyoAni and what I consider their most recent magnum opus. Without further ado…… 

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Series Review

June 2020 Review (Armed Girls Machiavellism)

Alright, well June is my birthday month, the last Sunday of the month this year as it turns out. I plan to have a nice quiet weekend spending some time with close friends and family. In the meantime, June is Guilty Pleasures Month once again, where I examine a show that most would not openly admit to liking and perhaps re-evaluate said series as something more worth appreciation than first impressions would warrant. And with this show, the first impression doesn’t always tell you the full story, often at a sword’s razor edge: 

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