Movie Review

Patlabor 2 Review

Alright, so I have covered science fiction quite a lot in my long illustrious venture of anime blogging. That is mainly down to it being one of my favorites of fiction and media, next to fantasy. Now, why you ask those two? Well because I find pieces of these two genres to be quite ripe with potential for original and/or interesting stories, characters and ideas. Science fiction especially so as it is all about speculation, to see what we could become not just as humans but society as well. But what makes the best science fiction? Well, we shall see with an example…

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Special Review

Otaku no Video Revisited

Well, the New Year has come, here’s to another! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and such. Hope everyone liked my list page that’s now up on the site, check that out when you get the chance. Anyway, with the New Year comes new reviews though I am starting out with a revisit at my first ever anime I have reviewed….

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