Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 4 Review

Do you know Murphy’s Law, where anything that can go wrong will? Well this episode is a testament to this. (also slight spoiler warning)

Nice ^_^

Episode 4: The Saying Goes….Love is Justice

Okuma is in hospital after the incident last episode and bummed that Anna hasn’t come by. Then again that’s understandable given what happened. Hyoka Fuwa comes into visit, since you know she can’t do much at her lab. She goes give Okuma an interesting pet to say the least.

Hyoka Fuwa-answering the tough questions

Escalation have taken place against lewdness, more so than before, in part due to what happened last episode. Of course, Ayame still has a plan up her sleeve. She also nabbed Otome to train her on drawing dirty pictures, essentially making her the third member of SOX. Although Otome is yearning for a live subject, which is a frustrating to her. Luckily Ayame got a tip about a stash of erotic literature, a porn gold mine on private property previously owned by a porn writer. She plans to use fellow innocent students from the academy which does get an objection briefly from Tanukichi but yeah desperate times call for desperate measures.

Hmm interesting way to do that

However that is sidelined by two major reasons. First, Sophia, Anna’s mom and Mary Whitehouse proxy, calls for a vote for the X Prohibition Law by the student body of the premier academy. Now what does that mean, well chastity belts, yes really. Sophia, like many authoritarians, operate on the simple mantra called ‘Not Enough (Power)’. It’s not enough to have just one law, we need more regulations and laws. The second reason is that Okuma discovers that he has a stalker when he notices some mysterious fluid on his apartment balcony one night. So to kill two birds with one stone, Ayame hatches a plan to ambush Okuma’s stalker then getting Otome the chance to get her live subject matter for drawing.


Well, that goes tits up (literally), when it is revealed that Okuma’s stalker is Anna, acting rather LEWD. What follows is a scene that needs to be seen to be believed, and honestly next to the climax of the premiere this is my favorite moment of the show to date. Granted I was more mesmerized then chuckling at this scene. It turns out that what happened in episode 3 affected Anna more than first glance. Glad to see this show, of all things, to actually follow-up on events and the consequences/implications that affect the characters in meaningful ways. It also illustrates another facet of suppression of well anything: Try hard as you can to get rid of something not pleasant, then it will find a way to surface in a rather unhealthy or unpleasant fashion as seen in that scene.

Ooohhh mmyyyy

Even the after-credits scene shows, quite clearly, holy crud Anna is one cuckoolander crazy girl. Things look to be interesting next week, that’s all I am saying.


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