Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 11

Alright, the penultimate episode of Crazy Ecchi Sexy Times the Show, let’s do this….


Shimoseka Episode 11

After the dick move done by Kosuri, the plans of SOX are placed on hold. Kosuri, the little brat, joins White Peak’s side. Their destination is the academy even though said bus still has Saotome and that ‘unnamed girl extra’ who keeps appearing throughout the show. Seriously what’s her deal and why does she have so much screentime/focus?

pfft heheheh

What happens next is that the Academy has a hostage situation instigated by White Peak and his lackeys. It is a silly and ridiculous one in all fairness. It involves getting students to remove their current undergarments and put on new ones by White Peak’s group or they release compromising pictures of all hostages which according to the govt watchers from afar, could ruin those students’ reputations. In the midst of this, there is some thoughtful discussion about the nature of righteousness and justice in society between Fuwa, Okuma and Kajo which I find a nice touch. Of course, the conversation prompts Okuma to hatch a cunning plan.

Well what did you expect, Kosuri?

Of course Kosuri quickly figures out that White Peak is just a whacko crazy nutbar and not the best leader of choice when it comes to her wants. She immediately regrets her betrayal last episode making that about the quickest out of nowhere and betrayal followed by reverse heel turn I have seen in anime, much less fiction. What is surprising but not entirely unexpected is the ultimate government simply stay to the side and let them play devil with each other with sexuality as a weapon. Thus when they come out with their reforms it will be easier to persuade the public to their side.

a wild Fuwa appears~

So that plan is for Kajo and Okuma going for the gold by recruiting Anna as an ally. An unlikely move on the part of Okuma but he figures at this point it’s worth a risk. Anna with Kajo and Okuma team to take the fight to White Peak and his team is quickly dispatched in a sequence that is very excellent in terms of execution and also gags. Even though White Peak has a final reveal involving his donger (he’s packing literal heat lol), he too is undone in the typical fashion for this show as well.

If Satomi Arai says this then it must be true

The episode concludes with easily one of the best moments for this show. The Kajo speech serves as a neat thesis statement for the show. To sum it, there is nothing wrong with dirty jokes, a little subversion from time to time is a good and healthy thing. Of course this followed by a nice moment between Kajo and Okuma and thankfully avoids them hooking up at the end, because that would be predictable and good on Shimoseka for bucking the trend mostly.  

Dawww erotic terrorism is soooo romantic~

One thing I did notice is that the episode feels a series finale but we got one more episode to go. One sign is the exclusion of the opening song from the start of the episode. So what’s to be done next week? You got me, as I haven’t the foggiest clue. Though, watch the scene after credits for a possible reason I suppose.

Next Sunday (September 20th) will be my final thoughts post on Shimoseka followed on Sept 27th with a Fall 2015 seasonal anime preview. See you all then!


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