Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 10

Alright we are on the home stretch here people, let’s go….

10 - ZLRbwlh
I approve of Kajo x Anna yuri where are my doujins?

Shimoseka Episode 10

Ok so the battle has begun and it’s about time. But what a twist, it was actually a meeting of negotiations between White Peak and SOX. I got to say this, White Peak is totally nutbar. He seems to be stealing panties for his own fetish needs rather than for a larger societal purpose. However those talks break down as they can’t seem to reach an agreement with him. I am sure you can find times in history where this happens a lot.  

Uhhh wut @_@

Anyway, so the next day and the city’s monorail is broken so people are forced to take temporary buses while repairs are being done. All of a sudden, members of Gathered Fabric hijacked some of the buses which has to be one of the funniest terrorist attacks ever portrayed in anime, and I have watched Code Geass. The government tries to but doesn’t respond quick enough.

There’s a Douglas Adams reference here I’m sure.

In the midst of this tense situation, Fuwa gets some awesome moment with one of the terrorists in her usual scientist way even if she didn’t intend to do that. Anna also loses it while on one of the buses but kicks some butt….right into the privates of one Gathered Fabric member, yielding an ‘ouch’ reaction from members of the male human population I am sure. Goriki and Okuma have their own troubles which leads into a very GAH MY EYES moment. I won’t post the picture from that trust me it’s worth seeing only once.

How is she not in an institute?

So, Kajo with help from Fuwa and SOX enacts a plan to capture White Peak themselves. It is revealed that he’s possibly Takuma Ichinose a senior student at another academy. At first it is working out well enough results in a minor scuffle between White Peak and Okuma. Seriously, this White Peak  is wrapped up in his own lust and cares not for anyone else. But Kosuri turns traitor. Now I could say that is easily the most predictable thing that happens in this anime. I will give the show the credit of building up to this in a suitable manner. Of course this leads into a freaking cliffhanger ending.

Ya know that was a ……dick move -puts on shades-

So I look forward to see what happens, especially as there are 2 more episodes. I will be doing a post on Episode 11 next weekend along with my September review. Then I will do a broad overview final thoughts on Shimoseka the following weekend. 

Til next time dear readers


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