Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 9

Oh boy here we go again……


Shimoseka Episode 9

So Kajo and SOX members have engaged in a hardcore war using Okuma’s underwear wait what? Well it is in order to lure panty thieves tied to Clothed Fabric to steal the Perfects’ reputation/purpose. Of course the panty thief is revealed to be Anna who goes off of another sexyandere moment with Okuma. Oboro, the perfect introduced in the last episode, has been assigned as Anna’s bodyguard of sorts. Of course, she was given five provisions which don’t make a lot of sense and contradictory. A horribly one-sided game as Okuma put it in episode.  

Wow, just wow.

So SOX tries again to some avail in terms of capturing some of the panty theives. But Okuma then stumbles and learns that Oboro is a trap by order of Matsukage-san.  Ostensibly he represents the company man/woman doing whatever is the whim of the higher-ups regardless of what Oboro wants as an individual. It is very telling that when pushed that he has no identity by Okuma, Oboro points out that he does in spite of not really having any, behaving more like an android, a perfect servant for the state. Nevertheless, Okuma and Kajo with SOX make it out there with ease.  

Considering all the questionable content this show has, it now adds traps to the mix. I can’t say that I am surprised.

Kosuri’s overeagerness comes to a head in part due to jealousy. She meets with Fuwa but Fuwa being a smart woman sees right through Kosuri’s act. She ends up taking matters into her own hands and that backfires on her big time. Kajo lays down that their efforts are peaceful protests and not bringing actual harm to the other side that they opposed. Kosuri represents the revolutionary element that wants to take it one step too far then needed, something that from the French Revolution to the 20th century civil rights movement shows that doesn’t end well. Kajo at least recognizes that revolution takes time and should be done as peaceful as possible.A successful revolution is a peaceful one.  

Oh you silly girl ~

\So, this episode was the show more back into form with having the right mix of ecchi sex comedy and quasi-political satire. It also helps that I did laugh out loud several times during the course of this episode. It looks to me that episode 10 will be a showdown with White Peak, leader of Clothed Fabric which should prove to be interesting.

WOW, wait why is his crotch censored-perhaps he has a boner at all times? Dude should have that checked out.

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