Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 8

Alright so what does this crazy show hold for us this week? Let’s find out….

Shimoneta Episode 8

No, not the BL (then again, bloody fujoshi)

So, Okuma wakes up one morning to find two big surprises: Kosuri in his bed and Anna with a knife. Ah so a typical day for him I suppose. I really like the cold opener here, full of laughs to be sure. Oh yeah something of note I have found that I just adore, the fact that scenes from the episode you are able to watch are in the OP, haven’t seen that much outside of schlocky 90s OVA. Nice touch there, JC Staff.

My High School Crush Can’t Possibly Be this Yandere ^_^

So while SOX is dealing with the Gathered Fabric group’s scheme, they have another issue. The government sent in a perfect squad led by Oboro Tsukimigusa a stern-faced young woman. She comes across initially as an expert in the ‘Lewd’. Though she is somewhat excessive with getting rid of things that might be lewd though can be reasoned with as seen with her scene with Hyoka Fuwa aka the battle of the monotone girls heh. It just goes to show that if even with supreme moral authorities, exceptions to the rules can be made.

‘I’d be snarky, but I think most horny teenagers have looked at an empty TP roll once and went “…Maybe?” That brings up questions of its own, though.’ -Racattack, 2015

Oh and Okuma has both Kosuri and Saotome living with him, though they are just lolis so it is ok for now. Thankfully this show isn’t a harem, as I feel that the show is more interested in being a raunchy sex comedy/quasi-political satire than a limp harem series. While I do envy Okuma getting all these girls around him, at the same time I wouldn’t want it given pretty much all of them are insane in a way.

Welp ok of course theres a lolimouto (ty Atomsk on Twitter for that term)

So the next plan for SOX involves spreading the lewd to other schools. The first target is Zoshigaoka Academy a morality school. Kosuri and Okuma go there, but Kosuri manages to go it alone and ends up being a success. Kosuri proves herself to be quite clever and useful though a devilish cutie though I feel she is a little over-eager. I wonder what’s up with her spot in the OP side by side with Oboro? Hmmm, don’t know yet so will wait and see.

…..Yeah I don’t see it, must be blind xD

Oh and that still for the preview for next episode isn’t suggestive at all, oh no, not at all. ‘Til next week, dear readers.


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