Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 7

Shimoneta Episode 7

So after the small slump of episode 6, did the show bring its A game back so to speak? Well, let’s find out…


So there is a new threat in town…..panty thievery. Yes, really. It’s by another organization in support of SOX, oh dear. Oh yeah there is a time gap of a month between episodes now, but a lot of work has been done in establishing alliances with fellow terrorist organizations by Ayame Kajo. I find it good that they mention the off screen events a bit and that the story is moving along now.

heh still find that worth a chuckle

Anyway, the underwear thievery has come to the attention of the Student Council since you know that is a big fecking deal. Of course, on top of all that, the incidents are being blamed on SOX despite them not having anything to do with it, you know not all terrorists and what not. Of course, after some misdirection coupled with an unfortunate encounter with Anna, which is just lol, side note: You don’t want to know what that squish sound effect is trust me on this one.

The Mummy Returns

Of course, the Student Council do manage to round up some panty thieves. This leads into the introduction of new villain White Peak leader of Gathered Fabric in a very grandiose manner to be frank. Basically he is a man wrapped entirely in undergarments who flaunts his ability to totally overcome basic decency in the name of underwear thief being a-OK. In other words, he’s just a high class pervert with no shame at all. Again, this ends up being linked to SOX even if there’s no connection. This is the equivalent to a group that advocates animal rights only to have some outsider pipe in saying ‘Oh yes save the animals so I can feck them’……ok not the best example but you get it. Or to clarify, even if you are part of a movement for the good of people, there will be some people out there who will latch onto your cause for their own nefarious purposes. Granted the nice thing once again is that this can be ambivalent and be widely applicable.

One thing I can thank Shimoseka is that it isn’t a freaking harem

Anyway, one night Okuma runs into Kosuri and rescues her from some officers. Now here we get some more information about Kosuri. She saids su~ and speaks in third person. almost like an imouto of sorts in the context of the story. She pops in near the beginning of the episode, like a giggling little anarchist tossing yogurt filled balloons at govt officers. She is eager to join SOX, as she likes the cause that they pursue. It is later revealed that she is daughter of a major supporter of erotic terrorist organizations though she got disillusioned when her father supported the Decency Squad in light of recent events. Of course, this puts SOX in an awkward situation should Kosuri get captured by the authorities so they let her in. And oh yeah, her hair shape resembles something but I liked it better when it was a joke in the live action Avatar the Last Airbender movie, zing!

Aww aren’t you so adorable?

So I can give episode 6, as much as a small slump, some slack in being more of a transitional piece between the arc of episodes 1-5 and the arc that is starting with this episode involving White Peak and his rather vague scheme along with the inclusion of Kosuri. Also it helped that the jokes and humour were back in form as well which is good. I am looking forward to the rest of the show as I feel that the present arc will be likely covered in the rest of the episodes for the show. Til next week, with Kyle Jones Month Part 4 (of 5) and Shimoseka episode 8. Oh and lewd endcard is lewd.



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