Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 6

Let’s get on with the madness, shall we?

Gainaxing eat your heart out

Shimoneta Episode 6

Now I am going to be honest here, I believe this is just a weak episode, probably the weakest in the show’s run thus far. In part because I feel that the main drive of the episode takes a bit longer than needed. And when it does, it is just a rehash of what happened in episode 5 which is no longer shocking or surprising. Though it is still a bit entertaining, but only in small moments.

Yeah there’s a term for this but its on the tip of my tongue, i dunno

Ok so now the pron has been spread throughout the school. Kajo along with Tanukichi and Otome, delight in making pleasure aids in the kitchen of the cafe they have as a base. Despite the repetitive nature of the gags here, it does contain some educational value in that dear god I can’t believe there’s a recipe for that. I do love the sound effects that they use for censoring words, very apt in most cases. Kajo also has Hyoka Fuwa involved in making a mechanical device of pleasure for them. Her scene with Tanukichi in the lab is quite humorous and it’s nice that she is getting some screen time as she is an interesting character.

Guess how long it takes Okuma to notice shes nude under that lab coat? Yeah, way too long xDD

Then Anna comes by before something risque happens. At first, it seems she has gotten over what happened last episode which I suppose is a relief. Though she mistakes the device Fuwa made as a present from Okuma and snatches. This of course leads to hilarity though not as a surprise when it was done in prior episodes. It feels like the show is spinning its wheels after having a good run of 5 episodes.

Oh new character, nice.

There is a glimmer of hope in the after credits scene which a introduces new character, Kosuri. First impression of her is that she seems a little bored rich girl who I imagine will be involved in the sexual liberation escapades I am sure, but that’s for next week. Til next weekend dear readers, with Kyle Jones Month Part III and Shimoseka Episode 7.


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