Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 5 Review

Shimoneta Episode 5

So Anna has gone over the edge, what is going to happen this week?

-after watching episode 5-

Well that escalated quickly…… xD


Well, after last week, Tanukichi is in clear cut denial, which isn’t a river in Egypt due Though Anna has returned to normal but then……well let me just say don’t eat the cookies mate, that is all. Anna can’t tell difference between love and lust. Basically she turned yandere and I have to say it is glorious and easily the best part of the episode for me at least.


But anyway, Sophia seeks to collect signatures for the new law based on putting on the new chastity belts to the academy students. It is a race against time for that, real tense and such. So, Kajo and Tanukichi go to the forest for the porn stash. But after running into some trouble, they get some lucky help from Hyoka Fuwa. Granted this may seem to come out of nowhere, but given what was happened to Hyoka Fuwa over the past few episodes even if it’s only a few scenes it seems more natural to me.


Of course there is a dilemma on Tanukichi’s part that arises here. Up to this point he has been more or less dragged into/forced into taking part in SOX activities by Ayame Kajo. However, Kajo does realize now that the situation has turned to such a bad turn that she ought to go it alone. Thankfully, this gets resolved as he decided to become a SOX member himself. I say thankfully because yay the main character (which Okuma is) is now an active agent in the story now, even if it is just as an erotic terrorist. Anyway, the porn stash got obtained and the X Prohibition has been shelved…for now. I am sure Sophia will find some way to bring that back, after all she is essentially the show’s main bad guy at this point. So yeah still enjoying this show just for how insane and ridiculous it is getting and can’t wait to watch this show every week. AOTS? Ehh I’ll wait to the end of the season before I can make that decision.


Ok, well see you all next weekend with Kyle C Jones Month Part II and episode 6 review for this crazy show. See you later, dear readers.


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