The Mysteries of Pregnancy

Ok, so now time for the birds and the bees…..

Right, so we continue from where we left off last week, with Ayame reveling in a victory if you can call it that. Tanukichi being the straight man to Kajo’s dirty joke-making is easily the best part of the show for me at this point.

Now for the OP song: OMG it is easily the best for this season, well out of the shows I am watching. It is very hilarious and gives you an exact idea of the kind of the show you are going into.

Liberty, Fraternity and Equality ^_^

Episode 2 is honestly more of the same: Ayame and Okuma enact a plan to undermine the authority of the same student council that they serve. It nearly follows the story beat template of the premiere. Granted not the same things occur and while there is a similar climax it’s not as stimulating or shocking as the premiere, I mean how can you top flies fecking? Oh I’m sure that they will find a way at some point.


We do get some background on Okuma. First off his father, wow what a guy but then again a bit terrifying that Tanukichi as a child was exposed to that but whatever, great parenting I suppose. Of course,  what his father did led to some social isolation for Tanukichi which at a young age must have been not great at all. Then he met Anna, which inspired him to become a better person. He has got some contradictory life goals to be fair but yeah that what makes me like Tanukichi.


Of course, Ayame Kajo continues to steal the show. I just love how she can just casually the dirty jokes come and go from this girl’s mouth and actions. She is the purest reflection of the tongue-in-cheek type of satire Shimoneta is going for. The gags and comedic antics of this girl are still legendary.


Hyoka does make a one scene appearance just to reinforce her one schtick, honestly a weak point in this episode. It might be important in the grand scheme perhaps, but too soon to tell.


Speaking of other characters, Anna doesn’t know what LEWD is, wow such a pure-hearted maiden. Though she shows that she is a lot stronger than first appearance. I also appreciated how they go into some detail on this society. Moral behavior is imposed by technology, ie the PM devices or those bracelets/neck braces. It turns out that Anna’s mother, Sophia, wife to a political official pushing for these morality laws to be enacted and implemented. While that might be well-intentioned that does lead to the first problem of this society: It breeds ignorance and consolidates power in the hands of the rich/wealthy few. Be it dirty jokes, alcohol, or heck recent social/political events, it is all tied to efforts by a privileged few who think that they know what’s best for others and see fit to do whatever it takes to get a pure societal utopia. Of course I could be reading into this too much perhaps, but I like to think this show is more cleverer than it is letting on.

So the show is still fun and entertaining, even if a bit repetitive in structure. Next week seems to be fun if the preview image has anything to go by.

Ahh….good to see you Kuroko xD

Some things of note:

-Funimation, who picked up the USA license rights for the show, have apparently decided to censor insanely this show. Even condoms are too LEWD for them. This coming from the company who released Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt and the Highschool DxD series, among many other raunchy anime, oh well

-Brief intro of a loli artist student near end of the episode who in case you didn’t know, is voiced by Satomi Arai, Kuroko from the Raildex series along with Ranko Hata from the Seitokai series. All’s right with the world.

-Also that pool, yeah, you look that up yourself and then lol at that followed by cringing…. kinda like how I did.

Less LEWD endcard from last week’s, trust me that’s NSFW material

Anyway, see you next week dear readers.


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