Summer 2015 Episodics

Shimoseka Episode 1 Review

Shimoneta Episode 1

A Boring World Where The Concept of “Dirty Jokes” Doesn’t Exist eh? Heh that’s funny as I am sure that is the ideal world for all authoritarians or feminists/SJWs around the world. From the time I saw the preview for this show back in March, I was instantly hooked. Finally, a full out ecchi comedy that I like for some reason. So, does this premiere deliver on this or go flaccid?…..oh you know I was going to make this joke….anyway, moving on…..

Well I wasn’t expecting the Spanish Inquisition ….. xD

Whom Does Public Order and Morality Serve? is the title of the premiere, no doubt the kind of prompt question you would expect in a college level law philosophy exam. Shimoneta sets the scene quite aptly with some youth opening some contraband porn magazines. However they are caught by the Decency Squad, a SWAT squad who proceeds to deal with the contraband. Now this is an important move in giving us an idea of what world we are in. It’s a Future Japan, though not too far, where dirty words/phrases and obscene behaviours are banned, even monitored on everyone. Granted this is a rather traditionalist attitude and throughout the episode this expanded upon. Granted, it is not a perfect society though: Woman can claim someone touching her butt to get more money since touching a woman is a criminal offense, as an example.

The hero we deserve but not the one we need atm xD

So Shimoneta reveals our main male character, one schmuck Tanukichi Okuma, a new student who transferred from a school with worst morals to go to Tokioka Academy, school with the highest moral standing. His reason-to get with Anna, a girl who had a crush back when they were kids. However, before he can reminisce any further, an incident at a train station leads to our MMC meeting up with the masked heroine Blue Snow. She makes many a dirty ‘bombs’, even described as a terrorist by the police officers who somehow manage to not catch her at all as she flees with porno cards and a haughty laugh. Though she does bring up a point-Dirty Jokes are a civil right, linked to freedom of expression.

Kaichou Cutie at least

So at the school, Okuma meets several other main cast characters. There’s Anna Nishikinomiya who is now the Kaichou and schmuck’s love interest in part of being a silver-haired cutie. Being the representative of the society standard she is pure and demure, just about a Yamato Nadeshiko. Next is Hyoka Fuwa a scientist student of sorts who asks Okuma the birds and the bees in a rather bizarre but amusing scene. Hyoka Fuwa herself is another example of effect this future society has on people, in that reproductive education is a mystery/untouched subject, dealt only with rose-colored generalizations. Finally he meets Ayame Kajo, a 2nd yr and Vice President of Student Council. She is also a megane babe so she already has Bestest Girl status off the bat. There is also a Gorilla-face dude who Okuma met at the station, Raiki Goriki-heh his name is similar to gorilla xD.

Umm hello there?

Thus, Okuma gets roped into assist the student council in matters of public morality at the school, something he is real eager to do as previous reason has been established. However, it is then revealed that Ayame Kajo is Blue Snow (she uses a paper thin disguise ffs) in a meeting between themselves. He is a little put off by this naturally (his main motivation) along with being the son of an infamous dirty joke terrorist. Regardless, Okuma is forced by Ayame Kajo/Blue Snow to form a dirty joke terrorist organization, SOX, to be a double agent of sorts. There’s a moment where Ayame rants a bit on tanuki and their impressive packages. something anyone that’s seen Pom Poko can attest to I am certain.

Yes indeed, Bestest Girl

Ayame is an interesting character, a clearly insane product of this society, where all that pent up obscenity and perversion resides. She is the daughter of a disgraced former politician, framed for a crime wrongly. Her main motivation seems to be ‘Can’t change who she is, so  I intend on changing the world’, which is a rather revolutionary mindset. She is also friends with Anna, which makes the relationships complicated right off the bat.

………. no comment xD………

Next thing Okuma ends in Hyoka Fuwa’s chemistry lab, by a clever way. What she shows him is very ummm weird but still in tune with her schtick. Human reproduction is such a mystery that she has to resort to other experimental means, also bizarre but funny. Lastly the final part has to be seen to be believed. I got no words for it, just a giant smirk on my face. The OP song is very catchy if a little retro.

I love how fun and ridiculous this show is. It is clearly operating on the ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ approach. Comedy relies on gags and timing and Shimoseka nails it in about every funny scene, be it straightforward comedy, satire, dirty jokes, etc. It also helps that the production is up to the task. This is definitely a hit for JC Staff, helped by a director who handles the comedy well enough and a main writer who clearly is in tune with the tone and spirit of the source material, which is a positive.

To go back to the rhetorical question title, whom does Public Morality and Order serve? Well, ideally I feel those that obey laws and rules of society wherever you are at. However, there will always be some subversion and revolution in society, most of human history is a long testament for this. Of course, I am not saying Morality and Order are necessarily bad things, as they provide a foundation of society as a whole. Human Society is a mass of contradictions that somehow coexist. I am thinking that will be the message for this show, which I find surprising given how low-brow the content is. Of course the social commentary is ambivalent to be applicable to just about anything related to regulation of public speech.

Next week is titled ‘The Mysteries of Pregnancy’ so perhaps a focus episode on Hyoka? Hmm we shall see, I am sure to get a raise for that….. hahahaha I am terrible.
Til next week, dear readers.


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